Person-centred care is summarised by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare as ‘health care that is respectful of, and responsive to, the preferences, needs ad values of patients and consumers’.  Person-centred care is not a new concept, becoming increasingly commonplace term since the mid-1990’s, it is now a widely known concept amongst healthcare professionals. Additionally, there is more and more evidence which supports person-centred care and suggests that engaging people in their health is fundamental to developing sustainable and high quality healthcare.

To support health professionals who are providing person-centred care, the Australian Diabetes Educators Association, through funding from the National Diabetes Services Scheme have developed a Person-Centred Care Toolkit.

The purpose of the Person-Centred Care Toolkit is designed to assist health professionals to monitor the quality of their person-centred care practices, highlight areas for improvement and monitor ongoing progress.

The Toolkit has been translated into five culturally and diverse languages:

  • Arabic
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Please click on the images below to download a copy.